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NORTH AMERICA. Political map. Peoples (compendium)

first Europeans who crossed the ocean and reached North America, were Normans . In X century. they founded a settlement on the coast of Labrador and Newfoundland. But the active development of the continent began after the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Contribute to the development of North America did the Russians, who from the XVII century. strongly promoted in Alaska and north-west coast of the continent by establishing a settlement there. It continued up until the king's government in 1867 would not sell ownership of Russian Alaska to the United States.

Indigenous peoples of North America is Indians , whose ancestors inhabited this continent tens of thousands of years ago.

We Indians are a small portion of the population of the continent. The majority here - the descendants of migrants from Europe (British, Irish, French, Germans) and Africa (African Americans). In North America quite numerous Ukrainian diaspora: 750 thousand people in the U.S., and over 530 000 in Canada. Many immigrants from Ukraine are influential positions in government agencies, businesses, social organizations of these countries.

On the continent inhabited by representatives of two major races: Mongoloid (Indians, mostly in the north of the mainland) and european (central part). The population of the southern part of mainland and island in the Caribbean form the representatives of mixed races. Among the most common religion here is Christianity (Catholicism and Protestantism).

The largest European countries - Canada, in the world for this indicator, it is second only to Russia. United States - the largest on the continent and the third country in the world by population.

population on the continent placed unevenly. Most zalyudnennya Central America and the coasts of the United States is concerned with the history of the development of the world. Large areas of northern Canada are generally uninhabited due to harsh climatic conditions.

On the continent the high level of urbanization. Here are the biggest agglomeration of the world ( association situated cities, close to employment, cultural, domestic, industrial, administrative and managerial constraints ). New York and the capital of Mexico Mexico City - one of the largest cities in the world.

Nearly 9 / 10 areas of the continent are three major countries: Canada, USA and Mexico.