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EARTH - our common home. Political Map of the World (compendium)

political map of the world is constantly changing. Under the influence of historical factors created new state, change their boundaries and names. Modern map - only temporary snapshot political worldview.

Some periods of history were relatively small in global events. But there were times when for a small period of such significant changes have occurred that sprychynyuvaly destruction of old and creation of new alliances and states. That such were in 1960 when the place of Africa in the former colonies was formed many independent states, or 1991, when due to the collapse of the Soviet Union has undergone significant changes in the political map of Eurasia.

Comparison of modern political map of historical continuity is evidence of processes that accompany the history of mankind. Over time, appeared and disappeared grand civilization, stood and destroyed mighty empire, and once secondary colonies grew on the impact of the state. A striking proof of this may be ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations, ancient Babylon and Greece, and Rome once mighty Ottoman Empire, etc..

political map informs us that the planet has virtually no blind spots . Once known overseas territories turned into independent states, and some of them (like Australia or New Zealand) in a relatively short period of time from the periphery of the populated world turned into a modern prosperous country.

Worldwide there are about 200 countries and about 50 dependent territories. On the map we can not only determine the capital and location of each state, but also to estimate the size of any of them and get acquainted with the flag - one of the main characters of each sovereign state.

most of population is China (over 1.3 billion people), the largest by area is Russia (over 17 million km2), the world leader in population growth - India: population of this country increases annually by approximately 15 million people. Mongolia - The largest state, which has no outlet to the sea. In addition to such giants as Russia, Canada, China, USA, India on the planet are the states that area and population are no different from ordinary cities (Vatican, Andorra, Liechtenstein, etc.).