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Population distribution (compendium)

Location has always depended on climatic factors. People have long been settled in areas with more favorable climate, fertile land, availability of resources. This gave them the opportunity to arrange housing, shelter from bad weather or wild animals prohoduvatys. Thus, the most favorable to the residence is subtropical and temperate climatic zones. Therefore, the most populated regions in the world belong to the territory of ancient agriculture (Great Plain of China, Indo-Hanhska lowland valley of the Nile, Japanese Islands, Fr. Java) and the Mediterranean region. However, it became the country's landscape is not the most important factor of occupation, behavior, mentality.

on population distribution also affect the historical, socio-economic, demographic, environmental and other factors. Yes, wars, crop failures, social upheavals often encouraged people to leave their native lands and settle on new lands. It is concerned with history settlement zalyudnennya coasts of North America, Africa, Australia and the old industrial areas of Europe.

main factor that characterizes the population distribution, population density is - the ratio of the population of a territory to the area of the territory. The map also shows the largest cities in the world, placing them basically follow the general picture of population density on the planet.