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The area of North America

  1. 24 250 sq. km. km
  2. 30 320 sq. km. km
  3. 17 830 sq. km. km
Answer: a

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. Greenland - the world's largest island
  2. Australia - the smallest continent of the Earth
  3. The area North America ranks second among continents
Answer: c

The highest peak in North America are:

  1. H. McKinley
  2. G. Blanc
  3. g. Aconcagua
Answer: a

The biggest river in North America are:

  1. Mackenzie
  2. Mississippi
  3. Yukon
Answer: b

The largest rivers in North America include:

  1. Basin to the Pacific
  2. to the Atlantic Ocean basin
  3. internal to the basin drain
Answer: b

Semi-deserts of North America:

  1. occupy a narrow strip of Atlantic coast
  2. lie in the extreme south of the mainland
  3. occupy the interior of the Cordilleras
Answer: c

Which statement is correct?

  1. The continent is a cold pole of the Earth
  2. On the continent was recorded the highest temperature in Western Hemisphere
  3. In the Northern Hemisphere is driest desert planet
Answer: b

Which animal is endemic in North America?

  1. Skunk
  2. Chipmunk
  3. Hummingbird
Answer: a

The population of North America is dominated by:

  1. descendants of immigrants from Europe
  2. indigenous population - Indians
  3. African Americans
Answer: a

Which of the statements is correct?

  1. Most of the population of North America - urban dwellers
  2. The most densely populated on the continent is central regions
  3. Indigenous peoples of North America are African Americans
Answer: a

Among the most widespread religion in the continent are:

  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
  3. traditional beliefs and cults
Answer: a

The group of developing countries, with the above include:

  1. U.S.
  2. Canada
  3. Mexico
Answer: c