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In South America is:

  1. naypovnovodnisha river world
  2. world's longest river
  3. largest desert
Answer: a

The highest peak in South America are:

  1. Aconcagua
  2. McKinley
  3. Cotopaxi
Answer: a

Which statement is wrong?

  1. Hummingbird is endemic
  2. South America - nayvolohishyy mainland planet
  3. In South America is driest desert
Answer: a

Christopher Columbus discovered America in:

  1. 1492
  2. 1498
  3. 1502
Answer: a

The highest waterfall in the world is:

  1. Iguazu
  2. Angel
  3. Victoria
Answer: b

Most of the rivers of South America:

  1. belongs to the Atlantic Ocean basin
  2. belongs to the Pacific Basin
  3. located in inland runoff
Answer: a

Wet equatorial forests of South America are called:

  1. pampa
  2. jungle
  3. Selva
Answer: c

Pampa is:

  1. grassy steppes of South America
  2. humid equatorial forests of South America
  3. Desert of South America
Answer: a

Indigenous peoples of South America are:

  1. Metis
  2. Indians
  3. sambo
Answer: b

Countries of South America include:

  1. the group of developing countries
  2. the group of poorest countries
  3. the world's most developed countries
Answer: a

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. Brazil - The largest country in South America
  2. Brazil - the birthplace of football
  3. Brazil - the largest population of South America
Answer: b

The most common languages among the population of South America are:

  1. German and the language of the Incas
  2. English and French
  3. Spanish and Portuguese
Answer: c