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Administrative-territorial division of Ukraine (compendium)

Administrative division of Ukraine changed over the historical development depending on the tasks and functions of states that included its territory. Changes in administrative units are made to improve the organization of the machinery on the ground. Only during the last century there were several changes in administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine.

The map Subdivisions given modern state borders, the borders of Crimea, regions and administrative districts, ie, all units of administrative division, which can identify their geographical position. In the state - 1 autonomous republic (Crimea), 24 administrative districts, 490 districts, 458 cities, including 177 national and regional subordination, and Kyiv and Sevastopol - the city that have special status.

in 26 cities are divided into districts, all districts in these towns - 114 (particularly in Kiev in 1914 instead of now 10 districts), urban settlements - 886; villages - 28 504. Number of administrative units in the regions listed on January 1, 2008

provisions of units at the regional level to determine the easiest color for the background of their territories and titles - names for the regional centers (but signed on the map Zakarpattya and Volyn oblasts and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea). Centers of the region allocated special punsonamy. For names of regional centers (with a dot inside punson) to find the name most districts. Urban villages are different type of font names, although they have the same villages with punsony.