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Minerals (compendium)

map Minerals is designed to detect relationships geostructures complexes with minerals, which are the basis for the extractive industries of Ukraine. Mineral primary resources of Ukraine - one of the richest in the world for the nomenclature of minerals (120 species) - provided the fuel (coal, oil, gas, shale oil, peat), metal (iron, manganese, nickel, titanium, uranium, chrome, gold ) and non metallic (rock salt, kaolin, refractory clay, cement raw materials, flux limestone, etc.) minerals. Such amount is sufficient for development in the country in industries oriented to the use of domestic raw materials.

Now Ukraine explored 94 types of mineral deposits and developed by 8000. Of particular importance to the economy with manganese (75% of the total CIS), iron (31%), titanium (40%), ores, coal (25%), brimstone (80%), kaolin (60%), graphite (50%) and clay (35%). The main coal basin countries are Donetsk (Donbass), whose reserves are estimated at 109 billion tons.

Despite the location in Ukraine two oil and gas provinces and two regions, oil and gas production does not cover the needs of the country. These energy imported from Russia and Turkmenistan. However, the Black sea-Crimean province is promising to open new oil and gas, while others require new production technologies.

Rig Nikopol manganese ore and iron pools are among the largest in the world.

Among non-ferrous metal ore deposits are unique deposits of titanium ores in Zhytomyr and Dnipropetrovsk regions and recently explored gold deposits in Transcarpathia. With reserves of mercury ore (Mykytivske deposit in the Donbass), our country - one of the leaders in the world. One of the leading places in Ukraine is the world's reserves and non-metallic minerals:

- deposits of native sulfur and wax (Precarpathians) - the largest in the world;

- by granite stocks and labradorites (Zhytomyr) Ukraine ahead of the competition in Europe.

are in our country and deposits of precious and semiprecious stones (beryl, amethyst, amber, jasper, rock crystal) in Kryvorizhia, Azov, the Crimea and Transcarpathia.

All kinds of minerals are powerful base mining.

mining major minerals in 2006 was:

coal - 61.7 million tons of oil - 4.6 million tons,

gas - 21.1 billion cubic meters. m, iron ore - 74 million tons,

manganese ore - 3.1 million tons of uranium - 800 tons

Food production for the operation of such industries, like energy, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, glass, porcelain and faience industry and building materials industries. Mineral waters and muds are used as in the sphere of material production (industrial mineral water), and directly in health care.

Available resources of some minerals far exceed their needs of economy of Ukraine.