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Climate Ukraine (compendium)

climate of Ukraine is temperate continental, except for Southern Crimea - the subtropical (Mediterranean type). Change of seasons is clearly expressed.

the country continental climate increases from northwest to southeast. In the climate of any area is influenced by three main factors klimatoutvorennya: 1) the amount of solar radiation, 2) the circulation of air masses, 3) the nature of the underlying surface. Climate depends on latitude, altitude, presence of ice and snow cover, remoteness of the area from the oceans and seas and so on. Solar radiation - the main factor klimatotvorennya. Its distribution depends on geographic latitude. Size total solar radiation in Ukraine ranges from 4200 to 5300 mJ/m2 varies from north to south.

Thanks tsykrulyatsiyi atmosphere in the redistribution of heat and moisture. On the Arctic climate of Ukraine is influenced, moderate and tropical air masses.

main indicators of climate - air temperature and rainfall. Average January temperatures - about -5 ° C, in July - 20 ° C. Annual precipitation ranges from 300-350 mm in the southeast and south to 550-650 mm in the west and northwest. Mode of precipitation: maximum - and minimum in summer - in winter. Only in Southern Crimea observed Mediterranean type of annual rainfall regime: maximum - in winter, at least - in the summer.