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⛑ 🛡 🥾 Шоломи, форма, взуття

Ground (compendium)

With maps can be traced zonal distribution pattern of soil . In northern Ukraine dominated sod-podzol soil (including gleyed that formed under conditions of wetlands), to the west in the plains - gray forest soils and ashed black, further east - a complex of forest soils and typical black earth rehradovanymy that alternate with soils formed under forest vegetation (gray ashed). South of the forest-steppe zone soils complexes clearly distinguished types of desert soil complexes that define its boundaries pidzonalni: ordinary black - northern steppe, southern black - middle steppe chestnut soils - southern desert. Some large complexes of soils associated with mountain regions of the Carpathians (brownsoil-podzol, brown mountain-forest, sod-brownsoil and mountain-meadow soils, which formed respectively in the mountain forests and meadows) and Crimea (brown mountain-forest, sod-brownsoil and mountain-meadow, brown mountain soils).

soil formation - a complex potses that takes hundreds or thousands of years. Modern soils formed in Ukraine in the postglacial era.

most closely related to soil with natural vegetation cover. Soil fertility affect crop yield natural and cultural vegetation. Ukraine's soil undergo significant changes under the influence of economic activity: deteriorating soil structure, fertility decreases. Due to excessive irrigation and salinity is waterlogging of soils. Under the influence of herbicides dramatically reduced the number of microorganisms in the soil.