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Flora (compendium)

Flora Ukraine variety of different species composition. Of the 300-350 thousand species of higher plants planet, Ukraine has 25 thousand included tens of species of trees, several hundred species of shrubs, nearly a thousand species of annuals herbs. Of particular importance are endemic, rare and endangered plant species (over 1000) listed in the Red Book of Ukraine . Natural vegetation is preserved only for 25% of Ukraine. Economic activity of population led to significant changes of vegetation, especially in forest-steppe and steppe zones, where land is actively used as farmland.

The map Vegetation see types of plant communities, which emit within Ukraine: forests, steppes, meadows, and marshes. On the plains of zoning observed latitude from north to south: mixed oak-pine forests - oak - meadow steppes - motley fescue-feather grass-steppes - cereal-wormwood steppe. The mountain plant communities change with height (altitude explain). Yes, foothill forest steppe varies - from wide-to conifers that are moving higher in the subalpine zone valleys (in the Carpathians) and jajl (in the Crimean Mountains).