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Religion (compendium)

complicated and tragic history of our country left their imprint on all manifestations of social life: life and mentality of the population and culture. The same is true of life and religion. Ukrainian persuasion have always been an important part of social life: from the time of Vladimir the Great Rus-Ukraine is the bearer of Christian European values. In difficult times, when our land became the object of aggression and militant atheism, faith in God stand in the way of assimilation and destruction of the Ukrainian nation.

influence of neighboring cultures affected the Ukrainian religion. Prolonged dominance of Poland, Lithuania, Austria-Hungary determined most popular Catholicism and Greek Catholic churches in the western regions of the state. Dnepr Ukraine - mainly Orthodox, which is natural given that it is the cradle of Christianity in the Greek rite in Russia. Over the past decade in many parts of the country lies deep Protestant faith, which reflects the European influence on the ideology of the Ukrainian people. The largest is the spread of Islam in the history of the Crimean Tatar people identified.

addition to the religious denominations represented map of Ukraine and other religions, which are popular in areas where certain ethnic groups (Armenians, Jews, Karaites, etc.).

Under the Constitution, Ukraine is a secular state in which the government can not interfere in the affairs of the church and guarantees freedom of religion for all. To honor our country, since independence we have not had any major conflict on religious grounds. All believers are able to satisfy their religious preferences, and religious hierarchy is established and influential persons in society.