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Forestry and wood (compendium)

forestry and wood industry combines harvesting and processing wood and other forest resources and includes logging, wood processing, pulp and paper and resin industries.

As seen from the maps, the industry is concentrated mainly in northern and western regions of the state near the resource base - forests. Other criteria for placing business - availability of electricity, water (pulp and paper companies) and the proximity of markets (furniture manufacturing). Given the foregoing, it is a logical picture of the placement industry. Forestry is concentrated in forested areas of Polesie and the Carpathians. Wood (sawmill, plywood, furniture, production boards, match) is represented in Lviv Drohobych Kostopol, March. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Chernivtsi has a strong furniture manufacturing.

largest pulp and paper plants are located in Zhydachev, Ponintsi, raspberry, Dnipropetrovsk, Koryukovka (paper) Rahove, Nick (cardboard).

resin industry is a supplier to the market of synthetic resins, acetic acid, turpentine and is represented by Svalyavy and Places.

In Ukraine, the main tracts of forest are concentrated in the Carpathians, in Polesie and mountains of Crimea. Forest territory of Ukraine is just over 14%, and 9 / 10 all logging is on the Carpathians and the Polesie.

Security of Ukraine's own forest resources is only 25-30% because more than 22 million m3 of wood annually supplied from abroad. However, significant amounts of the most valuable wood (mainly in the Carpathians) are exported abroad.

pollution, inefficient use of waste timber - the main problem area. In addition, the majority of forest resources of Ukraine are state owned, which, according to international experience, is not an effective tool for timber management. However, the weakening of state control over forest resources entails grave consequences. Uncontrolled deforestation caused landslides, which caused serious consequences in a flood in western regions of the state in summer of 2008.