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Culture and Art (compendium)

important role in meeting the cultural and spiritual needs of people play recreation centers. In 2006, Ukraine had 137 theaters, 445 museums, over 19 000 cultural clubs with a total 19 751 library book fund of 324 million copies.

largest library in Lviv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsya region. Significant holdings are concentrated in major research institutions and universities. The main research library is a library. Vernadsky in Kiev, which holds priceless monuments of Ukrainian culture and science.

Kyiv is the largest cultural center: here there are 31 theater, 35 museums, 142 libraries and many other cultural and educational institutions. Event not only in Kyiv, Ukraine and the whole should be opening in 2009, Art Arsenal - the largest museum of the country, which should be collected all the best samples of Ukrainian art.

cultural institutions are also well equipped with residents of large cities. There are museums, exhibitions, various artistic and art events, artists perform on tour and more. The limited access is to the cultural life of villagers, some of them do not even have club facilities.

In the era of information and globalization are changing not only the cultural priorities, but also a source of information. With Internet people searched for relevant information, watching movies, listening to music, etc. Mailed. Very often live communication is replaced by long hours of work at the computer, which adversely affects the physical and mental health, especially the younger generation. All this makes certain adjustments to the work of cultural institutions: the change of traditional cultural institutions come to computer clubs, casinos, etc.. However, openness and convergence with the world's cultural and economic center and gives positive results for Ukraine. In large cities, rapidly evolving industry kinoprokatna: cinema halls are equipped with new modern system of video and audio, improved comfort facilities. Often artists come to Ukraine and artists from other countries and Ukraine itself becomes the center of prestigious cultural events (for instanceorder "Evrobachenya-2004). It returns the audience to cinema halls and other cultural and artistic institutions and gives impetus to the entire field.