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Cars. Incomes (compendium)

« Cars - in every family", this slogan is becoming a reality in Ukraine. For many of our fellow car ceases to be a luxury and becomes a normal vehicle. Today the average Ukrainian has the opportunity to buy a car, depending on your preferences and wealth. The number of "iron horses" in Ukraine is growing steadily in Kyiv, for example, in 2008 there were already about 1 million cars, many of them in Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk region. By number of cars per 1000 inhabitants lead Kyiv and Kharkiv (the main center of the country's automotive industry).

However, besides comfort and convenience of solid motorization causes and negative consequences. In large cities, cars are the main sources of air pollution, traffic jams formed, complicating the work of public transport and so on. These circumstances have forced state and local governments to direct significant resources to improving road network and all transport infrastructure.

logical conclusion considering maps that characterize the state of Ukraine's economy map «income population. With this map you can trace the link between deployment and employment of economic facilities and standard of living, being. So, by income and average wages leaders in Ukraine are Kyiv, as well as industrialized Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Luhansk region. The leadership Kyiv can be explained by the fact that besides a large number of profitable enterprises (engineering, construction, light industry, food industry, printing industry, etc.) is most concentrated representation of foreign companies operating in Ukraine. Moreover, due to large numbers of skilled Kyiv is the most attractive for investment. All this provides a huge cash payments to the local budget, the most developed labor market and higher wealth Kiev compared with other regions.