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§ 33. Areas of the therapeutic complex. Other social sectors (textbook)

§ 33. Industries medical-health complex and other social sectors


1.     How does the natural environment and geoecologicalsituation on the territory of the state of health?

2.     What recreational resources? What are the regions of Ukraine are best provided?


HEALTH CARE. Therapeutic complex includes a system health and riversreatsiynyh institutions that safeguard the health (prevention disease treatment), health and recreation people. InstitutionsHealth we have over 10 thousand hospitals, clinics and poliklinick, located in cluster of cities and villages - villages major villages. They are several hundred thousands of doctors and middle-aged medical personnel. Of doctors in Ukraine - one of the highest in the world, but the percentage of sick people constantly increases through adverse living conditions, poor nutrition and more.


Fig. Social field and Welfare


Recreation and tourist orientation. Recreation and leisure provide people sanatorium pansiovalue had sanatoria, children's camps, homes diamoff, travel facilities and shelters. As a result of their combination in repopulatethem on certain points or areas formed resorts and resort areas, tourist centers and tourist areas. The very same economic operations to serve these institutions named recreation and tourism Industry.

Ukraine has significant opportunities for the development of this industry. By rekreainnovative resources include mineral water, mud, marine coast, inland water bodies (lakes, rivers), forest and mountain landscapes with favorable climatic and microclimatic conditions, as welleach interesting natural sites and complexes and facilities created by peopleNoah (historical and cultural centers and attractions).

Mineral water is available throughout Ukraine, most of them - in In-Zakarpattia, Carpathians, Tail, Crimea. Therapeutic mud is circulated у Black Seaand Azov (Estuaries) Crimea and Carpathian. In these regions created the largest spa resorts: Nemiroff, Shklo, Great Lubin, Cherche, Morshyn Truskavets Shidnytsa - In-Prykar Patty; Glade, bruises, Shayan, Kvasy - In the Carpathians; Gusyatin, Satan, Khmelnyk - At the tail; Odessa, Head of Pier, Evpatoria, Saki, Feodosia, Berdyansk - By Black and Azov Sea. Most famousimpurity health resorts in other regions is Mirgorod and Slavyansk.

Favorable climatic resources for recovery and resttion in forest areas (Spa Vorzel and Pusha Vodytsya near Kyiv Slov'yanohirsk in the Donbass), the mountainous and forested areas Carpathians (Yaremaча, Vorokhta) On seacoasts (above resorts, as well as Bay, Ochakov, Skadovsk, Alupka, Yalta, Alushta, Sudak et al.).

Among the different types of tourism in Ukraine, the most common lateand abundant mountain. The objects of tourism was an natural monuments, national parks, as well as historical and culturaltours. Recent popular everywhere, especially in central and westher parts of Ukraine and Crimea. The largest amount of - In Kyiv, Lviv, Kamenetz-Podolsk. In many cities and towns in Galicia, Volhynia, Transcarpathia, skirts, Crimea preserved historical architecturetouring ensembles, which declared reserves.


Fig. Kyiv Botanical Garden


Fig. Fortress in Kamenetz-Podolsk


Recently, Ukraine has increased interest in other types of tourism: Water (travel lowland and mountain rivers), Speleological (Cave skirts and the Crimea) religious (pilgrimage attendance and relihiynyh shrines for example, Kiev-Pechersk and Pochaevskoy, Zarvanytsi in Ternopil region and Chersonese in the Crimea), winter, extreme, etc.. The whole territory of Ukraine for its scenic landscapesshaftamy, diverse cultural, domestic and agriculturalWe traditions population eligible for the so-called "green" or "farmWho, tourism, which is becoming a significant development. Inventories of recreational resources in Ukraine allow to develop mature and winter recreation, tourism, rehabilitation of people with Ukraine and from abroad.


Fig. Recreational Resources


HOUSING AND UTILITY SERVICES. Housing satisfies people's needs in housing, ensures operation of apartment houses, hotels, small sub-enterprises and institutions. All housing in Ukraine is over 1 billion м2,

60% of it concentrated in cities. Urban housing is higher than a rural level of gas, hot water supply, water supply and drain. Today, to improve the living conditions of the population much de-emphasisment of cooperative and individual housing construction.




Consumer Service. Consumer Service includes the individual and reMont clothing, shoes and knitwear, and repair construction of livingla, barber services and the repair of household appliances, tranceby Russia means radio and TV equipment et al. It is constantly undergoing changes for improved old and new species introduced and forms of service. The largest volume of discarded household servicesgive to city settlement.

Trade and public catering. Trade and public catering cover retail trade and catering. In general volume of product-circulation of food products is 45%, non-food - 55%. Nai-higher values retail sales per person - in KyyeVi, Crimea, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Odessa, Lviv і Transcarpathian regions. In addition to traditional business industry develops network of specialized shops, and publicoversight fast food service.


Fig. Social security and social software


Fig. The center Vorohty


COMMUNICATION. Communications as industry sector consists of enterprises, lines and units that ensure the transfer of information on the distance (telecommunications). This includes office, telephone and telegraph station, post office, radio and television.

Since the second half XX Art. along with mass media (Radio and TV) is extremely active in the developing world indyvidual relationship. At this traditional view it - phone Communications - improved, combined with other species (relatedissuer, radio). Fixed cable network telephone enlarged with the new mobile systems - paging, Tablenikov and satellite. Another group of cutting-edge of telecommunicationssector as extensive use of video equipment and computers. It - TVfax, e-mail et al.

Individual telephone has always been a weak link home telecommunications. In terms of telephone (the number of APArativ per 100 inhabitants) quality long-distance communication, technology Ukraine lags behind the signal many countries. Very weakCCW has been and remains the telephone villages.

In recent years the situation in telecommunications abruptly changesis divided into better and the industry itself is one of the most dynamic in the nationaltional economy. Developing traditional and new forms of communication, atlasni centers, resort cities, many regional centers connected to the interne- one-world computer telecommunication system. This contributes emergence of new companies established with the participation foreign investment.



Therapeutic complex includes a system health and riversreatsiynyh institutions that safeguard the Health, health and recreation of people.

Ukraine has considerable opportunities for development recreation and tourism Economy.

Among the various kinds Tourism in Ukraine, the most common lateand abundant mountain. The whole territory of Ukraine suitable for "Green" or "farmWho, tourism, which is becoming a significant development.


Questions and Tasks

1. How to develop the country's health-improving complex?

2. What regions of Ukraine have the best conditions for development of recreation and Tourism?

3. Spread the word Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

4. What are the prospects development in Ukraine?

5. What are the main problems and prospects of social sectors field.