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The main types of mineral resources. Natural resources of underground waters (compendium)

Mineral Resources

State balance of mineral reserves accounted for 32 species of 262 deposits of minerals identified in the Crimea. The structure of the mineral potential (figure) is dominated by deposits of building mineral raw materials - 154, or 58.8%. This is followed by hydrocarbons - 44 field (16.8%), mud - 22 deposits (8.4%), metallurgical raw materials - 16 fields (6.2%), fresh, mineral and thermal groundwater - 23 deposit (8 , 8%), gornohimicheskoe raw materials - 3 deposits (1,1 %).

for the Crimean region is characterized by an uneven distribution of minerals, due to the spatial distribution of productive geological complexes, in which they were formed. The highest richness in minerals (other than fresh water) are typical of the following areas: Saki and Lenin (with the city of Kerch) - from 52 fields in each of the Black Sea (18), Bakhchisaraysky, Belogorskogo and Razdolnenskiy (16 fields each) Pervomaisky (15), Simferopol (14).

being developed more than 100 (39,5%), mineral deposits, reflecting the high level of industrial mineral resources of the ARC.


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