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Relief. Rivers and lakes (compendium)

City territory stretches on both banks of the Dnieper River in the middle of his flow.

Kyiv Left Bank lies in the Dnieper lowland and is almost flat plain with sandy beaches, numerous straits and old women. Right Bank city lies within the Polesie lowlands and Dnieper sublimity. The surface of the right bank divided by ravines and gorges, valleys of smaller rivers. Characteristic landforms here are Burn inselbergs Kiev plateau. Within Kyiv plateau seen the greatest absolute height in Kiev, the final height within the city reaches 105 meters. Caves of the high hills in clear weather you can see not only all the Kyiv Left Bank, and even city Brovary.

relief Kyiv determines specificity of its development and provides the unique beauty of the city. Much of the Left Bank, and Obolon Telychka and on the right bank are alluvial - artificially elevated. This is for builders to protect low-lying areas of the city from possible flooding during the flood. Elsewhere, on the contrary, during the construction work was filmed soil or nivelyuvalasya (vyrivnyuvalasya) surface to avoid significant variations in height (eg, roads). Some areas of the Kiev hills fortified concrete walls to prevent landslides.

Perhaps symbolic is that flows through Kyiv Dnipro - the largest river of our country. And while the river carries its water in three countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine), still the word "Sky" in most people associate with Ukraine.

Within Kyiv Dnipro channel is divided into several branches, cut size of various islands. In fact, within the city falls into the Dnieper another large river gums. Dnieper and Desna a major source of water for industrial and domestic demands. The city has several small rivers, most of them bound in concrete (collectors), as they occur in built-up areas.

north of Kyiv Kiev reservoir constructions. Reservoir with a dam - a complex set of hydraulic structures that are components of hydroelectric power. Due to water storage of the regulation of water levels in the Dnieper River to prevent sharp fluctuations. In addition, this water area of water produces a significant impact on the climate of Kyiv.

There are many lakes, most of them small and located near the Dnieper.

in rivers and lakes live many species of animals and birds. Any time of year on the river banks can meet the fishermen and fans of active recreation near water.