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Zoo (compendium)

Created Kyiv zoo (first name Zoo ) in 1908 on the initiative of the Society nature lovers . The main purpose of this event was the establishment of the cell, which took care to animals, carried out scientific experiments on breeding endangered species and worked to develop the respectful attitude to our little brothers.

metropolitan zoo's collection includes over 2 000 animals - representatives of 350 species of world fauna, among them are very rare (Amur tiger, white tip White, Przewalski horse, the plain gorilla). Zoo Animal Collection is constantly replenished.

Along with the formation of the collection of animals at the zoo from its early establishment zakladavsya dendrite park. Flora Zoo is represented by rare pine, Eastern White Pine, Eastern spruce, and red pyramid oaks, larch, fir and beech.

Kyiv zoo covers an area over 35 hectares, it is all for a good holiday: cafe, children's attractions. And its location in a convenient location makes the Zoo one of the most popular holiday destinations.