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Central Park of Culture and Leisure (compendium)

Central Park of Culture and Leisure covers a large area on the slopes of the Dnieper. Park is actually a unique landscape complex, which includes parks Vladimir Hill , Khreshchatyi Park , City Garden , Mariinsky Park , Askold Tomb . The core of this wonderful array of green is the Municipal Garden (formerly the Imperial Garden, City Park, Pervomaysky Park) - the oldest in Kiev regular park that was founded in XVIII century. masters of landscape art Fokom D., and L. Chamberlain.

in shady alleys near the center of the city you can wander for hours, admiring the beautiful view of the Kyiv Left Bank, getting acquainted with the sights and cultural attractions. The most famous of them - is Michael's Cathedral, a monument to Prince Vladimir, the Dynamo stadium named. Lobanovsky, Mariinsky Palace, the house of parliament.

At different times of famous people visited the park, including Gogol, Tchaikovsky, Nikolai Lysenko.