Россия и Беларусь начали и продолжают войну против народа Украины. #Буча #Мариуполь #Краматорск

QUESTIONS: Deploying the resistance movement in Ukraine

What are the names of the commanders of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)

  1. Shukhevych
  2. Bulba-Borovets
  3. Bandera
  4. Klyachkivskyy
Answer: a, d

When was the Act of the Ukrainian state?

  1. November 1941
  2. June 1941
  3. May 1942
  4. October 1942
Answer: b

He headed the Ukrainian government after the proclamation of the Act of the Ukrainian state?

  1. Bandera
  2. J. Stetsko
  3. R. Shukhevych
  4. A. Sheptytsky
Answer: b

He led the squad Polis'ka Sich?

  1. C. cap
  2. Bandera
  3. A. Sabur
  4. Taras Bulba-Borovets
  5. A. Fedorov
Answer: d

Bandera was set up three groups of derivatives that were supposed to move from the western border, respectively,

  1. in Kyiv
  2. to Simferopol
  3. on Poltava
  4. in Kharkov
  5. in Dnepropetrovsk
  6. to New York
Answer: a, d, f

Name of legal Ukrainian

  1. Public Committee
  2. Woodland January
  3. Ukrainian regional committee
  4. Ukrayinka National Council
Answer: a, c, d

In which city was the main center of activity Polis'ka Sich "in June and November 1941?

  1. Ovruch
  2. Stolichnoe
  3. Sarni
  4. Olevsk
  5. Selizivka
Answer: d

In which cities were the Soviet secret organization?

  1. Pavlograd
  2. Krasnodon
  3. Nizhyn
  4. Konotop
  5. Lubny
  6. Shepetivka
  7. Mariupol
Answer: a, b, c, f

"Act of the Ukrainian state was proclaimed

  1. Lviv
  2. in Rivne
  3. Kyiv
  4. Lutsk
Answer: a

In the spring of 1942 the Ukrainian Central Committee headed

  1. V. Kubiyovych
  2. V. Velichkovsky
  3. J. Stetsko
Answer: a