QUESTIONS: Occupation regime in Ukraine

As called Reichscommissariat implementing the Nazi command in the occupied lands of the Soviet Union?

  1. "Ukraine"
  2. "Transnistria"
  3. "Ostland"
Answer: a, c

In which city was occupied by Nazi administration in Ukraine?

  1. Warsaw
  2. Odessa
  3. Exactly
Answer: c

Which region was included in the General governorship (Poland)?

  1. Volin
  2. Right Bank
  3. Poltava
  4. Eastern Galicia
  5. Northern Bukovina
  6. Bessarabia
Answer: d

When was concluded the German-Romanian agreement on transfer mizhyrichchya Dniester and Southern Bug River with the city of Odessa?

  1. July 19, 1941
  2. September 19, 1941
  3. August 19, 1941
Answer: a

In which cities were the most massive executions populous Jewish communities?

  1. Tulchin
  2. Berdichev
  3. Yaniv
  4. Kyiv
Answer: c, d

Near the city which housed Hitler (Synagogue) in Ukraine?

  1. Kyiv
  2. Vinnitsa
  3. Exactly
  4. Limekiln
Answer: b