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QUESTIONS: Kiev State in the reign of Olga and Sviatoslav

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Journey to Constantinople Olga
  2. Balkan campaigns of Prince Svyatoslav
Answer: a

When Princess Olga came to power in Kiev?

  1. Year 912
  2. Year 945
Answer: b

Who changed Olga princes table?

  1. Prince Igor
  2. Prince Svyatoslav
Answer: a

Which measures, according to the chronicles, failed Olga pryborkavshy Derevlyany?

  1. Introduced Christianity as state religion
  2. Streamline the collection of tribute
Answer: b

What was the essence of Olga measures that involved the elimination of local knyazhin?

  1. Board was abolished derevlyanskoho Little Prince, which helped land directly subordinate derevlyansku Kyiv
  2. Supreme power in the principality had to make the princes of the dynasty of Rurik dynasty
Answer: a

Reason for the Duchess Olga went to Constantinople?

  1. To establish the rule of the Byzantine Empire
  2. To renew the peace intergovernmental agreement between Rus and Byzantium
Answer: b

What ended campaign of Prince Svyatoslav against Khazar Khaganate?

  1. Khaganate Khazar defeat and the destruction of its capital
  2. Khazaria acknowledged superiority of Russia
Answer: a

When there were military operations in Bulgaria, whereby Prince Svyatoslav conquered almost the whole territory of this state?

  1. In 911-912 years
  2. Over 967 - 968 years
Answer: b

What Bulgarian city Svyatoslav held a few months siege occurred which was signed peace treaty with Byzantium?

  1. In Arkadiopoli in 970, the
  2. In Dorostoli in 971, the
Answer: b

As predicted a peace treaty with Prince Svyatoslav Byzantine Emperor?

  1. Byzantium had to pay each soldier Ruthenian to 12 USD and a considerable tribute to the Rus princes
  2. Prince refused Danube lands, Byzantine emperor committed Rus miss home
Answer: b

Which of the events held by Prince Svyatoslav?

  1. Prince made a campaign against Byzantium, a sign of victory nailed his shield on the Golden Gate Byzantine capital
  2. Seeking to continue the war in the Balkans, the prince of his sons appointed governor in the lands of Rus
Answer: b

What event occurred in the spring of 972, near Dnieper rapids?

  1. Statement of the Grand Prince against Derevlyany
  2. Death in battle with Sviatoslav Pechenegs
Answer: b