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Chronicle (textbook)

Chronicle Events


1734 - Top movement Haidamaky

1738-1845 biennium - hiking A. Dovbusha

1750-1764 biennium - Hetmancy K. Razumovsky

1764 - Liquidation Hetman

1768-1769 biennium - Koliivshina

1775 - elimination Zaporizhzhya Sich

70-80's XVIIIArt.Reforms of Maria Theresa and JosephII at Western.

1783 - final enslavement of the Ukrainian peasants

            - Of the Crimea to the Russian Empire

1785- Zhaluvana charter "Catherine ІІ nobility, according to which Ukrainian officers zrivnyuvalas the rights of the Russian nobility.

1791- Secret Basil Kapnist mission to the Prussian king to find help for release Ukraine from the power of the Russian Empire.

1772, 1793, 1795- Partitions of Poland between Austria, Prussia and Russia. Go Right Bank Ukraine to Russia and Galicia to Austria.

1798- Publication in Petersburg three parts "Aeneid" John Kotlyarevskogo.

1805- Opening Kharkov University.

1806-1812 biennium- Russo-Turkish War.

1812- Russian-French war.

1812-1835 biennium- The peasant movement led by tail Ustyma Karmelyuka.

1816- Company Establishment in Przemysl Galician Greek Catholic priests for spread education and writing culture among the faithful.

1817-1819 biennium- Activities of Masonic lodges in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Kamenetz-Podolsk.

1821- Formation Tulchin secret in "Southern Society.

1821- Creation Vasily Lukashevich in Poltava secret "Little Russia Companies.

1826, January- Rise of the Chernigov Regiment in Dnieper Ukraine.

1826-1827 biennium- Activities secret group in Kharkiv University.

1827-1828 biennium- Catholicity in high school Nezhinsky Sciences.

20-30-ies XIXArt.The club Kharkiv romantics.

30-ies XIXArt.The beginning of the Industrial Revolution on Ukrainian lands.

1830-1831 biennium- Polish liberation uprising in Right Bank Ukraine.

1833- Creation Lviv group "Ruska trinity.

1834- Establishment of the University of Kiev.

1837- Editor Ruska three "Almanac" Mermaid Dnistrovaia».

1839- Forced union Russian authorities Greek Catholic and Orthodox Churches on the Right Bank Ukraine.

1840- Publication in Petersburg "Poet" Shevchenko.

1843- Taras Shevchenko created a series of etchings "Picturesque Ukraine".

1843-1844 biennium- Peasant performances led by L. filly in Bukovina.

1846-1847 biennium- Activities Cyril and Methodius.

1847-1848 biennium- Introducing "Inventory rules" on the Right Bank Ukraine.

1848 May- Formation in Lviv Supreme Ruthenian Council.

1848- Abolition of serfdom in Galicia and Bukovina.

1848 June- First Slavic Congress in Prague.

1848-1849 biennium- Peasant revolt in Bukovina led AL filly.

1853-1856 biennium- Crimean War.

1855- Kiev Cossacks.

1856- Hike in Tavria for freedom ".

1861, February- royal manifesto to abolish serfdom in Russia.

1861-1862 biennium- Publishing in St. Petersburg magazine "basis.

1863- Valuev Circular.

1865- Establishment of Novorossiysk University in Odessa.

1865- Opening Ukraine's first railway Odessa Balta.

1867- Transformation of the Austrian Empire to the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy.

1868- Creation Lviv society "Enlightenment".

1875- Opening University of Chernivtsi.

1875- Creation Southwestern Division of the Russian Geographic Society.

1876 ­ Ems decree.

1877- "Chygyryns'ka conspiracy.

1880-1881 biennium- The activity of "working-class South Russian Union" in Kiev.

1882- Creation in Elizabethgrad the first Ukrainian professional theater corpses.

1882- Was The first issue of magazineKievan antiquity.

1890- Formation Ruthenian-Ukrainian Radical Party (RURP) - the first Ukrainian political party.

1892- The emergence of the Brotherhood secret society tarasivtsi.

1895- For the first time programs of the Ukrainian political parties was introduced provisions on harassment of independent Ukrainian state.

1897- Organization Yekaterinoslavskiy Kiev and the League of Struggle for Liberation working class. "

1899- Creation Galicia Ukrainian national-democratic (the UNDP) and the Ukrainian Social Democratic (USDP) parties.



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