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QUESTIONS: Abolition of serfdom in the Ukrainian lands

Which reforms 1860-1870-s was not extended to the province of right-bank Ukraine?

  1. Judicial reform
  2. Municipal Reform
  3. Reform of charge
  4. military reform
Answer: c

What year in the Ukrainian lands within the Russian Empire was abolished serfdom?

  1. 1861
  2. 1863
  3. 1864
  4. 1865
Answer: a

How many military districts were created in the Ukrainian lands under military reform?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
Answer: c

On what conditions farmers, freed from serfdom, received the land after the agrarian reform?

  1. redemption money is paid
  2. receiving long-term lease
  3. became state property
  4. vidroblyaly size of the ransom payment
Answer: a

In which provinces after the reform, some farmers lost land that they previously enjoyed?

  1. Left-bank Ukraine
  2. Southern Ukraine
  3. Right-Bank Ukraine
  4. Sloboda Ukraine
Answer: a

Which reforms 60-70's was the most democratic?

  1. Trial
  2. Military
  3. Agricultural
  4. Of charge
Answer: a

Do sapience? After the Agrarian Reform 1860: 1) the majority of land in Ukraine belonged to the landowners, 2) peasants had to pay the redemption money.

  1. Both are valid
  2. Only 1 correct option
  3. Only 2 are valid
  4. Both incorrect
Answer: a

What event gave an impetus to the abolition of serfdom in the Ukrainian lands within the Russian Empire?

  1. "Manifest ..." the Russian Tsar
  2. The revolutionary events in the Austrian Empire
  3. Russia's defeat in the Crimean War
  4. Transformation of the Austrian Empire Austria-Hungary
Answer: c