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QUESTIONS: Social and political life of Ukrainian lands in the second half

What are the Ukrainian lands in the second half of the nineteenth century. movement of community leader Viktor Antonovich called "Ukrainian yemontom P`?

  1. Slobidska
  2. Naddniprianshchyna
  3. Eastern Galicia
  4. Transcarpathia
Answer: c

What is the current movement in the Ukrainian lands in the West became dominant at the end of XIX - XX centuries.?

  1. Moskvofilska
  2. Starorusynska
  3. Radical
  4. Populist
Answer: d

Which of these events were caused by the activities of the populists in the Ukrainian lands?

  1. Kiev Cossacks "
  2. "In Tavria at will"
  3. "Chygyryns'ka conspiracy"
  4. "Ratens'kyy action"
Answer: c

In what year was created the first Ukrainian party in Dnieper Ukraine?

  1. 1890
  2. 1892
  3. 1900
  4. 1905
Answer: c

Which of these organizations was considered a leading cultural and educational activities?

  1. Sokol, Sitch, PLAST
  2. "Ruska conversation," "Enlightenment"
  3. "Maslosoyuz, farmers'
  4. "Dnestr", "National Land Bank
Answer: b

What flows from the national liberation movement in the Western lands formed before?

  1. Populist
  2. Moskvofilska
  3. Radical
  4. Rusyn
Answer: b

As a political organization called Muscophiles (Russophiles) in 1870-1880's?

  1. Rus Rada
  2. People's council
  3. Galician-Ruthenian dam
  4. Ruska conversation
Answer: a

The preceding movements which were "hlopomany?

  1. Populists
  2. Populists
  3. Gromadovtsi
  4. Muscophiles
Answer: c

In what year was extremely activities with Ukrainian literature Southwest Branch of the Russian Geographic Society?

  1. 1863-1873 biennium
  2. 1861-1862 biennium
  3. 1873-1876,
  4. 1878-1879 biennium
Answer: c

In what year was the king issued a decree, which proclaimed "... to prevent trafficking in the border of the empire ... any and all books and pamphlets were issued abroad in Little dialect, as well as printing on it lyrics to musical notes ..."?

  1. 1861
  2. 1863
  3. 1876
  4. 1882
Answer: c

In what city in 1900, founded the Revolutionary Ukrainian party (RUP)?

  1. Kharkiv
  2. Kiev
  3. Odessa
  4. Lviv
Answer: a

Around an organization hurtuvavsya Ukrainian national movement in Naddnieper Ukraine in the first half of 70 nineteenth century.?

  1. Cyril and Methodius (Brotherhood)
  2. South West Branch of the Russian Geographical Society
  3. General Ukrainian organization no party affiliation
  4. Circle "hlopomaniv"
Answer: b

What are the Ukrainian lands were covered by the Polish nationalist uprising in 1863?

  1. Eastern Galicia
  2. Right Bank
  3. South
  4. Left Bank
Answer: b

What Ukrainian political magazine published by M. Drahomanov in Geneva in 1878-1882 he was?

  1. "Land and Freedom"
  2. "Dawn Galician"
  3. "Basis"
  4. "Community"
Answer: d

Who was the founder of the Ruthenian-Ukrainian Radical Party (RURP) at Western?

  1. Franko and M. Pavlik
  2. M. perpetual, S. Wityk, J. Bachinsky
  3. E. Levitsky, V. Okhrymovych
  4. Mr. Antonovich, Hrushevsky
Answer: a