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QUESTIONS: First World War

The German plan called the swift defeat of France

  1. "Plan Hindenburg
  2. "Plan Shliffena"
  3. "Plan of Kaiser Wilhelm II"
Answer: b

Fighting World War in Ukraine in 1914 occurred mainly

  1. in Galicia
  2. on tail
  3. Transcarpathia
Answer: a

Among the most hostile of the army was

  1. in Germany
  2. in Russia
  3. France
Answer: b

During the First World War, Netherlands

  1. performed at the side of the Entente
  2. performed on the side of the Central Powers
  3. observed neutrality
Answer: c

From the Belgian city of Ypres names got the name kind of weapons:

  1. model tank
  2. poisonous gas
  3. long-range gun
Answer: b

During an attack on Austria-Hungary, Russian forces captured

  1. Budapest and Vienna
  2. Lviv and Przemysl
  3. Krakow and Prague
Answer: b

The most successful attack Russian troops in 1916 associated with the name of General

  1. Kornilov
  2. Brusylov
  3. Denikin
Answer: b

Russia withdrew from the first world war because

  1. came to power for peace
  2. in the country ended mobilization resources
  3. Bolsheviks needed a rest with an external enemy, to eliminate internal opposition
Answer: c

After the conclusion of the Bucharest peace treaty between Bulgaria and Romania disputed territory of South Dobrogea

  1. moved to Bulgaria
  2. remained in Romania
Answer: a

At the time of concluding a truce Komp'yenskoho

  1. Entente troops controlled the western part of Germany
  2. German troops controlled the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine and most of Belgium
Answer: b

After losing the war the Austro-Hungarian Empire broke up into

  1. two independent states
  2. five independent states
Answer: b

During the First World War, first applied

  1. guns
  2. tanks
  3. Air Combat
Answer: b