QUESTIONS: Fight the peoples of Europe and Asia against the barbarian invaders

When Kurultay Temuchzhynu gave the title Genghis Khan?

  1. 1199
  2. 1206
  3. 1223
Answer: b

Where Prince Alexander Nevsky defeated the German Teutonic knights-April 5, 1242?

  1. next, the Neva
  2. under the walls of Pskov
  3. on ice lake Peipus
Answer: c

As Europeans called the Arabs who lived in the Iberian peninsula?

  1. Turks
  2. moors
  3. Bedouins
Answer: b

Earth Novgorod land sought to capture

  1. Order of the Knights Templar
  2. Order mechonostsiv
  3. Teutonic Knights
  4. Order of Malta
Answer: b

Reconquista lasted

  1. Eight centuries
  2. 10 centuries
  3. 12 centuries.
Answer: a

Defeat in the battle which forced Byzantium finally give up the eastern territories?

  1. at Miriokefali
  2. at Acre
  3. in Ankara
Answer: a

Which of the three empires does not fit a logical series?

  1. Trapezundska
  2. Nicaea
  3. Latin
Answer: c

Rumskyy founded the sultanate in Asia Minor

  1. Ottoman Turks
  2. Turkish Seljuks
  3. Arabs.
Answer: b

What is the greatest country the Mongols conquered?

  1. China
  2. Persia
  3. Rus
Answer: a

Batu established the state

  1. Golden Horde
  2. Khorezm
  3. Crimean Khanate.
Answer: a

When the Crusaders captured Constantinople?

  1. 1096
  2. 1192
  3. 1204
Answer: c

The founder of the last Byzantine dynasty was vasylevsiv

  1. Manuel I Komnenos
  2. Michael VIII Paleologue
  3. Laskaris John III.
Answer: b