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QUESTIONS: Liberation movement in the Netherlands

The largest city by population in the Netherlands of the XVI century. was:

  1. Antwerp
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Haarlem
  4. Brussels
Answer: a

In which year the rebellion broke Netherlands iconoclast?

  1. 1656
  2. 1566
  3. 1567
  4. 1568
Answer: b

According to the Spanish king whose reign began liberation movement in the Netherlands?

  1. Charles I
  2. Henry III
  3. Philip II
  4. Sigismund III
Answer: c

Opposition Spanish government during the liberation struggle in the Netherlands led by:

  1. Duke of Alba
  2. Earl of Leicester
  3. William of Orange
  4. Moritz Orange
Answer: c

What event was the impetus for the uprising against the Spaniards in the north of the Netherlands?

  1. rebellion iconoclast
  2. Spanish siege of Leyden
  3. marine capture hezamy of Brill
  4. Spanish siege of the city Haarlema
Answer: c

Who's victory ended the siege of Leiden?

  1. Spaniards
  2. Dutch
Answer: b

Who introduced in the Netherlands 10-percent sales tax on all goods?

  1. Margaret of Parma
  2. Duke of Alba
  3. William of Orange
  4. Moritz Orange
Answer: b

What events happened before?

  1. conclusion Arraskoyi Union
  2. conclusion of the Union of Utrecht
Answer: a

Which of these provinces became Arraskoyi union?

  1. Artois
  2. Zealand
  3. Utrecht
  4. Friesland
Answer: a

Who was elected shtathalterom Netherlands United Provinces after the death of William of Orange?

  1. Moritz Orange
  2. Margarita Parma
  3. Henry of Navarre
  4. Duke Giza
Answer: a

When Spain finally recognized the independence of the United Provinces the Netherlands?

  1. 1579
  2. 1584
  3. 1609
  4. 1648
Answer: d

Which city is the Dutch Republic became a new center of world trade in the XVII century.?

  1. Antwerp
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Leiden
  4. Haarlem
Answer: b