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QUESTIONS: Moscow State in the XVI - XVII century.

During whose reign the king of the territory of the Moscow State increased the most?

  1. Basil III
  2. Ivan IV
  3. And Theodore
  4. Boris Godunov
Answer: b

Specify the beginning and end of year Livonian War:

  1. 1547-1564
  2. 1552-1572
  3. 1558-1583
  4. 1572-1598
Answer: c

Which of these states was destroyed by Ivan IV?

  1. Siberian Khanate
  2. Kazan Khanate
  3. Crimean Khanate
  4. Astrakhan Khanate
  5. Hivynske Khanate
  6. Livonian Order
  7. Duchy of Prussia
Answer: a, b, d, f

What events happened before?

  1. Top Livonian War
  2. Union of Lublin
Answer: a

Which of these events in the world occurred in the reign of Ivan IV?

  1. second round the world F. Drake
  2. "Massacre of St. Bartholomew in Paris
  3. the civil war in France
  4. death "invincible armada"
  5. rebellion iconoclast in the Netherlands
Answer: a, b

Which state has departed most possessions because of the Livonian Order Livonian War?

  1. Sweden
  2. Rzeczpospolita
  3. Moscow State
  4. Duchy of Prussia
Answer: b

In 1606 - 1607 Famine in the Muscovite state was a revolt led by:

  1. John Bolotnikova
  2. Stepan Razin
Answer: a

Which is sad for the city was formed during the second militia headed by Minin and D. K. Pozharsky?

  1. Kostroma
  2. Yaroslavl
  3. Nizhny Novgorod
  4. Tula
Answer: c

Which country has Deulynsku Moscow State agreement?

  1. Sweden
  2. Rzeczpospolita
  3. Duchy of Prussia
  4. Crimean Khanate
Answer: b

When a Muscovite state began the Romanov dynasty?

  1. 1612
  2. 1613
  3. 1614
  4. 1615
Answer: b

What king of Moscow first to use the title "God's mercy great ruler, the King and the Great Prince of All the Great and Little Russia czar"?

  1. Vasily III
  2. Ivan IV
  3. Mikhail Romanov
  4. Alexis
Answer: d

Trip to Moscow in 1618 the Ukrainian Cossacks led by P. Konashevich Sagaidachnogo-ended:

  1. winning Moscow
  2. P. Sagaidachnogo refusal of the city assault
  3. long and ineffective siege in Moscow
Answer: b