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QUESTIONS: Thirty Years' War

Thirty Years' War lasted for:

  1. 1618-1648 biennium
  2. 1620-1650 biennium
  3. 1625-1655 biennium
Answer: a

Which of these historical figures was a contemporary of the Thirty Years War?

  1. Mary Stuart
  2. Richelieu
  3. Henry IV
Answer: b

Which state in the war years strengthened its position in the Baltic Sea, effectively turning it into its "inland lakes?

  1. Poland
  2. Sweden
  3. France
  4. England
Answer: b

In the battle of Lyuttsenom died:

  1. Tilly
  2. Wallenstein inflicted
  3. Gustav II Adolf
Answer: c

During the war, troops led by Albrecht Wallenstein inflicted:

  1. Catholic League
  2. Yevanhelistychnu union
Answer: a

What event became a pretext for the Thirty Years War?

  1. Uprising in Prague against the authority of the emperor
  2. Creation of the Catholic League
  3. France to Join Union Yevanhelistychnoyi
Answer: a

Which country won independence in terms of the Peace of Westphalia?

  1. Denmark and Sweden
  2. Netherlands and Switzerland
  3. Austria and Bavaria
Answer: b

Which of these periods of the Thirty Years War was chronologically the first?

  1. French
  2. Czech
  3. Danish
  4. Swedish
Answer: b

The most prominent military leader of the Catholic League was:

  1. Gustav II Adolf
  2. Richelieu
  3. Wallenstein inflicted
Answer: c

Major fighting the Thirty Years War lasted in:

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Sweden
Answer: a

Which of these countries made territorial acquisitions during the war?

  1. Spain
  2. Austria
  3. France
  4. Poland
Answer: c

What Catholic country backed the Protestants during the Thirty Years War?

  1. Denmark
  2. France
  3. Poland
  4. Turkey
Answer: b