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Political Map of the World (compendium)

political world map displays location of states and dependent territories, shows the existing boundaries, capitals and major cities in the world. In the world of around 240 countries and territories. Of these, more than 200 - the sovereign state, ie politically independent country. Country - a territory with defined boundaries, populated by certain people, which in the political and geographic location can have sovereignty (independence), or be dependent. In the world there are more than 40 dependent territories (colonies), each of which is under political or military control of a sovereign State (Gibraltar, New Caledonia, Bermuda, etc.). The share of dependent territories in area and population is less than 2%.

RMB changed the course of history from the appearance of the first states to its modern form. This time, conventionally divided into 4 periods:

Antique (up to V in.)

medieval (V-XV cc.)

colonial (XV-early twentieth centuries.)

latest (XX - early XXI century.)

order to imagine the formation of RMB in the latest period, represented by three cards:

"The World in 1914"

"The World in 1961"

"Political Map of the World"

Map The World in 1914 "demonstrates the political picture on the eve of World War I: While there were only 55 sovereign states and the huge colonial empires of France, Britain, Portugal, the Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, German and Russian Empire.

on the map "The World in 1961" are taken into account the political changes that occurred after the two world wars and the fall of colonial empires. In the mid-twentieth century. in the former colonies appeared over a hundred independent states in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania.

Comparing these maps, we can observe the continuity of the processes that accompany the history of mankind. With time came and went great civilizations emerged and destroyed the mighty empire, and once the secondary colonies were transformed into powerful states.

largest state by population, China is the (over 1.35 billion people), the world leader in population growth is in India: the country's population increases every year by approximately 15-18 million, Mongolia - the largest by area land-locked state. In addition to such giants as Russia, China, India, the United States in the world there are states that in area and population size did not differ from ordinary cities (Andorra, Monaco, San Marino). And the smallest state, Vatican City, has an area of 0.44 km2.