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Technical (sugary, root vegetables, tonic, oil and fiber) culture (compendium)

Industrial crops - are plants that are the raw material for further processing in different sectors of the economy. According to the purpose industrial crops are divided into fibrous, oilseeds, sugar, tonic, starchy, of rubber, drugs, and others. Cultivation of industrial crops, time-consuming and costly exercise (in need of making large amounts of fertilizer, irrigation, etc.). Therefore, grow them, mostly in developing countries or countries the average level of development, where even under extensive management, in the presence of cheap labor, cultivation of industrial crops profitably.

Among fiber crops (cotton, flax, jute, kenaf), the most common cotton. From it produce many kinds of fabrics, wool, synthetic felt, from seed - oil. Waste used as animal feed. Cotton - the culture of tropical and subtropical climates. The largest producers and exporters of cotton are China, India, USA, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Africa.

flax frigostabile culture. It is grown in Europe and China. In the U.S., Canada, Argentina and India grow, mainly varieties of oilseed flax (flax).

most common oilseed crops are soybean, sunflower, peanut, canola, olive, oil palm. Soybeans are grown primarily in the United States, China, Brazil, Indonesia, peanuts - in South Asia, West Africa and Argentina.

sugary crops are sugar cane (it accounts for 60% of world production of sugar) and sugar beet (40%). The main exporters of sugar cane - Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Australia.

sugar beets are grown in countries with high agriculture (proper crop rotation, high use of chemicals and mechanization of production) and Livestock Development, ensuring high productivity and use of waste products of sugar beet. The main producers of beet sugar are Ukraine, France, Russia.

Tonic culture (bush tea, coffee and cacao trees) - a plant in the tropics and subtropics. The largest suppliers of tea leaves to the world market are China, India, Sri Lanka, the coffee beans - Brazil, Colombia, the fruits of cocoa - Ivory Coast, Brazil, Ghana.

Potatoes are the most common tuberous crop. In addition to food quality of potatoes as a raw material for starch and alcohol industries. By tuberous also belong yam (sweet potato), yams, cassava, taro, which are used as food crops

cultural Plantation Hevea - raw materials for production of natural rubber - prevalent in South and Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand).

Among the most famous drug crops are tobacco and opium poppy, used in medicine. On the map, "political tension" shown in the main growing areas of raw opium.