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Biological Resources (compendium)

Biological Resources made from plant and animal resources. The relationship between biomass of flora and fauna shown in the pie chart.

wild plant resources are represented and cultivated plants. Cultivated plants in the world is much less than wild. On this map shows the eight centers of origin of cultivated plants, which were isolated and analyzed by Academician NI Vavilov. For each of the centers are examples of crops that originate from a specific territory.

wilding, mainly concentrated in the forests and forest resources are. Forests around the globe form two zones:

north - forests of temperate and subtropical climatic zones, which is dominated by conifers;

south - subekvatorialnoho forests and equatorial zones of deciduous tree species.

Countries that lie outside the forest zone, suffer from a shortage of forest resources.

indicators of the forest resource is woodland (the ratio between the area of forests and the total area, percentage) and timber resources . The average forest cover of the globe is 30%. In South America, this figure reaches 52%, and in North Africa and the Persian Gulf only 1-5%.

largest forests are concentrated in Russia, Canada, Brazil, USA.

area of northern forest zone from mid XIX century. not significantly decreased, but the forests of the southern zone quickly disappear. Green lung causes desolation is pidsichno planet of fire-farming system, increasing export volumes of wood and using wood as fuel.