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Coal industry and uranodobuvna (compendium)

Coal includes mining and enrichment of coal. Brown coal is used as fuel and as raw material for chemical industry in producing countries, and better quality coal is exported. The cost of coal depends mainly on how its production. Yes, dice open (career) in the manner and brought to Western Europe South African coal is often less expensive than mined local coal mine. By the way, great depth of coal in Ukrainian mines makes many of them non-viable and is one of the main causes of the crisis in the coal industry of the state.

Almost tretytna world coal production accounted for by China, followed by USA, Russia, India and Australia. Major coal exporters are Australia, South Africa, Russia, Poland. Coal is transported mainly by sea.

uranium industry is an industry that produces and enriches uranium ore used in nuclear power, medicine, scientific research, as well as raw materials for nuclear weapons. Most of the world's reserves of uranium ore concentrate in the USA, Namibia, Australia, Russia, there are in Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd). Accordingly, these countries occupy the leading position in the world for the extraction and production of uranium concentrates (purged of impurities useful minerals). A serious problem is the storage and disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Only a few countries (USA, Russia) have adequate capacity and service utilization for large sums of money to other states.