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Chemicals (compendium)

Chemical Industry as one of the three branches vanguard is very dynamic in its development and science-intensive. Twentieth century called the century of chemicals - so big in this period was the use of chemical materials and technologies in all spheres of economy and everyday life. This production budget and various synthetic materials (plastic, photopolymer, chemical fiber, rubber, organic glass, film, etc.) and production of the basic chemistry (fertilizers, acids, soda, detergents, etc.). The development of chemical industry offers additional opportunities to create new technologies with recycling many branches of industry.

raw materials industry is very broad and varied. In addition to mineral raw materials of chemical industry uses all kinds of mineral resources (especially oil and gas), wood, water, air, and industrial waste. Chemical industry is best represented in the developed countries, which formed the main areas of industry, with a wide range of products. European Region produces 40% of the industry. The leading countries are Germany (concern BASF is the largest chemical manufacturers in the world), France, Great Britain, Italy, specializing in the production of new high products. The second region is North America, which did not yield a value for Europe. U.S. is the world's leading countries in the production of polymers, fertilizers and so on. The third area is the East and South-East Asia, which is a powerful center of Japan. It is a leading petrochemicals, running on imported oil. Rapidlywe are developing chemical industry in China (specializing in the production of fertilizers and petrochemicals). The fourth region formed in Eastern Europe on the basis of significant raw material and energy resources. High levels of the chemical industry also differs Australia.

Among developing countries, chemical industry is growing especially where there is a substantial surplus of oil and natural gas (Venezuela, Indonesia, the Persian Gulf). Other countries produce certain types of mining and chemical raw materials.