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Textile (compendium)

Textiles is the leading sector of light industry, enterprises which produce consumer goods. The textile industry produces various fabrics for the population and technical needs. Traditionally, fabrics made from natural fibers like plant (cotton, flax, hemp, jute, etc.) and animal (wool, silk cocoons) origin. With the development of chemical industry from the mid 70's century. increased share of fabrics made from synthetic and artificial fibers.

cotton material and marks the largest amount represented in the countries that grow cotton, and those who import raw materials. The main producers are China, India, USA, Russia. The second largest market - the production of chemical fiber fabrics. The leaders here are still U.S. and European countries, and recently, increasing considerably the output of these new fabrics industrialized countries of Asia.

Production of linen fabric prevails in countries where cultivated flax dovhunets is its processing power (Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, France etc.). Main producers of natural and artificial silk fabrics traditionally left Japan, India, China and European countries.

produce woolen fabrics Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Japan. Wool as raw material to supply the world market, Australia, Argentina and other countries with large sheep, goats, camels and other animals. Consequently, apart from highly developed countries, the textile industry are widely available in developing countries where there is a surplus in cheap labor.