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Russia (compendium)

Russia - The largest country in the world, less than a quarter of its territory is in Eastern Europe and the rest - in Asia. Russia's Kaliningrad enclave located in the northern part of Central Europe. Russia borders on land from 14 countries. The total length of state borders is 61 thousand km, including 2 / 3 - sea.

Natural resource potential of the country is very rich and varied that promotes the development of the country.

Russia has the world's largest forest resources: a third of its territory covered by forests, with particular value are conifers. Russia is a primacy top five countries for water resources, however, water and forest resources are located unevenly: most of them concentrated in Siberia and the eastern regions of the country.

Much of Russia is located in the temperate belt, where continental moderate increases from west to east, from moderately to sharply continental climate. A variety of natural areas highlights a variety of agro-climatic conditions for agricultural use area. Exit to the waters of three oceans contributes to the development and use of ocean resources.

Russia - a motley multinational state nationally.

high level of urbanization of the country (74%). In Russia, twelve cities-millionaires. Gradually emerging urban areas around Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Novosibirsk.

Russia, like other post-socialist countries now in the process of arduous transformation. In terms of economic development it takes place in the third ten countries. Modern farming has a complex multi-country framework in which the predominant production, represented by almost all sectors of mining and manufacturing.

for the production of certain products (gas, electricity, iron, iron ore, sulfuric acid, etc. lisoderevyna) Russia holds key place in the world. One of the first place is the country of production and export of nonferrous metals (nickel, platinum, cobalt, palladium).

The structure of the country's agriculture is dominated farming, whose main industries are dairy and cattle farming, sebaceous and Sal'ne pig meat, and fine-fleece sheep wool and meat, poultry, industrial, in northern areas - olenyarstvo. When crops busy 3 / 5 total cultivated area.

transport infrastructure in Russia developed all industries, among which is a leading rail transport (35% of total turnover). The most dense railway network in the European part of the country. In cargo and passenger conveyance for short distances, the role of road transport. Internal traffic ranks second river transport, sea and ensures the development of internal communications and external economic activity. Is well developed air transport and piping.

main branches of international specialization is Russia's mining industry, metalomistke engineering, chemicals, timber, textiles and fishing.

features of the territorial structure of the economy of Russia is:

Euro-Asian asymmetry : European Russia -

latitude zonation : in the main settlement of the economic zone, which occupies 1 / 3 in Russia, generates 80% of production;

contrast between the center and the periphery : per unit area in the Moscow region produced 50 times more output than in the Novgorod region in 2240 again - than to Chukotka.