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Land (compendium)

Land - this land is used or can be used in commercial activity. With 149.4 million km

largest man-made load experienced agricultural land and land settlements. Agricultural land is the most productive and arable land (farmland) is part of the land fund, from which mankind gets to 80% of food. Provision of farmland in parts of the world is very uneven. It depends on natural conditions and the level of agricultural development of the territory, culture management. Among the regions of the world arable land is allocated the highest share of Europe. This is caused by the lowest share of unusable land, high culture and economy in mostly favorable climate and terrain. With some countries the largest areas of farmland are USA, India, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. Each year the area of agricultural land decreases. The reason for this is the open mining, flooding lands newly created reservoirs, low culture of management (and as a result - dehraDaci their land and desertification). During degradation farmland scientists understand the depletion of land fertility and reduce soil erosion, pollution, reduction of biological productivity of natural grazing, salinization and waterlogging of irrigated areas. At the same time, population growth and decline zemlezabezpechenosti exacerbate the issue of increasing the area of agricultural land and more efficient use of already cultivated land.