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How often in life we hear the word "culture". This important term incorporates all spiritual and material heritage, created by man throughout history.

unique national culture of the Ukrainian people is an integral part of world culture. It roots in ancient times.

present on state registration is 152 thousand monuments of cultural and historical heritage, of which 56 thousand - historical monuments, 7 thousand - standing monuments, about 15 thousand - monuments and urban architecture. Fixed sanctuary stored outdoors, and other historical monuments, material and spiritual culture of the nation - in the museums of Ukraine.

Kyiv St. Sophia Cathedral gives us an idea of the grandeur and beauty of the architecture of Kievan Rus. In all Europe no structure XI century. could not compete with the Kiev Cathedral. Length of (excluding projections) it is 37 m, breadth - 55 m. In the old house had five nefiv (longitudinal corridors), which ended on the eastern facade of the five altar conch (apse) was surrounded by inner (two) and external (one-storied) galleries. From the west side of tall, two towers with stairs that led to the second floor. Vinchaly thirteen cathedral domes, which are gradually increased from small at the edges to the central issue. Dome and roof were covered with sheet lead.

organic architecture meets painting the building, which was intended to glorify the state. The mosaics and frescoes with carpet wrapped walls, arches and pillars of the cathedral. It is difficult to overestimate the value of Sofia art frescoes and mosaics. They certainly are monuments of art of world importance, which came to us in its original beauty.

Sofia frescoes survived less than mosaic. Multiple restorations have caused irreparable damage to many pictures.

Sophia Cathedral became the original school, which increased native architects, builders, craftsmen and artists.

Kiev Sofia - a real treasure of the Old Rus culture, an endless source of knowledge about the distant past of our people. Now - this world famous museum.

cultural heritage can also be parks and gardens.

Landscape Park - a green array of natural or artificial vegetation, formed by certain laws of architecture and is designed primarily for mass recreation. The first time such parks have been established in England in the early XVIII century., In Russia they are developing with 70 years of the XVIII century. Examples of such parks in Ukraine "Sofiyivka", "Alexandria", Alupka Park Kachanivka, Funny Bokovenki, Trostyanetsky park.