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In the mind of the people whose land was the hemisphere that holding back the four elephants?

  1. Ancient Egyptians
  2. Ancient Chinese
  3. The ancient Indians
Answer: c

The first person obrahuvav dimensions of our planet and introduced the concept of "parallel" and "meridians"?

  1. Eratosthenes
  2. Ptolemy
  3. Behaym
Answer: a

Who first suggested that the Earth has the shape of balls?

  1. Behaym
  2. Pythagoras
  3. Eratosthenes
Answer: b

Globe as a model of the world first created

  1. Eratosthenes Kirenskyy
  2. Martin Behaym
  3. Gerard Mercator
Answer: b

Who believe discoverers of Iceland and Greenland?

  1. Norman
  2. Phoenicians
  3. Egyptians
Answer: a

Who first used the compass in navigation?

  1. Chinese
  2. Arabs
  3. Normans
Answer: a

The works of European travelers who were once first systematic source of knowledge about China?

  1. Marco Polo
  2. Athanasius Nikitin
  3. Christopher Columbus
Answer: a

In what year was discovered America?

  1. In 1492
  2. In 1498
  3. In 1504
Answer: a

Who sailors discovered America?

  1. Amerigo Vespucci
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Ferdinand Magellan
Answer: b

What was the name of the lead ship of Columbus?

  1. "Santiago"
  2. "Santa Maria"
  3. "Trinidad"
Answer: b

Who first suggested that the new land Columbus discovered is actually an unknown continent?

  1. Amerigo Vespucci
  2. Ferdinand Magellan
  3. Martin Valdzemyuller
Answer: a

Ferdinand Magellan went down in history as a navigator,

  1. who discovered America
  2. that led the first round the world
  3. that opened the sea route from Europe to India
  4. entitled a sea of the world's largest
Answer: b, d

What caravels of Magellan's expedition did not achieve Seville during the first circumnavigation trip?

  1. "Trinidad"
  2. "San Antonio"
  3. Victoria
  4. "Santiago"
  5. "Konsepsion"
Answer: a, b, d, e

Travelers Who first reached the North Pole?

  1. Robert Piri
  2. Fritof Nansen
  3. Penguins
Answer: a

Who gave the name of the planet's largest ocean?

  1. Christopher Columbus
  2. Ferdinand Magellan
  3. Bartolomeu Dias
Answer: b

How to call Australia from 1606 to 1814 years?

  1. New Britain
  2. New Spain
  3. New Holland
Answer: c

Where in 1779 in a skirmish with natives killed James Cook?

  1. In the Philippine Islands
  2. At the robber (Marianas) Islands
  3. In Hawaii
Answer: c

Philippine Islands became a place of death

  1. Christopher Columbus
  2. James Cook
  3. Ferdinand Magellan
Answer: c

What was the nationality of the traveler that first reached the South Pole?

  1. French
  2. The English
  3. Norwegian
Answer: c

What means of transportation were not used during the expedition Amundsen South Pole conquest?

  1. Dogs
  2. Horses
  3. Tractors
Answer: b, c

What was the main reason for the failure of Robert Scott's expedition to the South Pole?

  1. Poorly chosen move
  2. Inaccurate navigation
  3. Insufficient funding for the expedition
Answer: a

Who of these travelers had Ukrainian roots?

  1. Lysyansky
  2. Kruzenshtern
  3. Bellingshausen
Answer: a

Where in Antarctica funktsionaye Ukrainian polar station "Akademik Vernadsky"?

  1. Since 1996
  2. Since 1991
  3. Since 2001
Answer: a

What's the name speed in navigation unit?

  1. Nmi
  2. Node
  3. Knot
  4. Gordian knot
Answer: b