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What is translated from the Latin word meaning "globe"?

  1. Bullet
  2. Model
  3. Model
  4. Zemlepodibnyy
Answer: a

How to globe or map grid called meridians and parallels?

  1. Parallel
  2. Rectangular
  3. Meridian
  4. Degree
Answer: d

What is the name imaginary line on Earth's surface, equidistant from the poles?

  1. Equator
  2. Meridian
  3. Tropic
Answer: a

What is the beginning point latitude?

  1. North Pole
  2. South Pole
  3. Equator
  4. Prime Meridian
Answer: c

Which statement is correct?

  1. Equator - the longest parallel
  2. From the Prime Meridian is counting longitude
  3. Length of parallel increases in a direction from the equator to the poles
Answer: a, b

What point on the Earth's surface are not longitude?

  1. Located on the Greenwich meridian
  2. Located on the equator
  3. Geographic poles of the Earth
  4. The magnetic poles of the Earth
Answer: b

What are the signs point to the north?

  1. Moss on one side of the trunk
  2. A gentle slope anthill
  3. Short branches of trees on one side than the other
  4. Polar star
Answer: a, c, d

In what direction the compass needle always points?

  1. In the geographic North Pole toward Earth
  2. Toward the North magnetic pole of the Earth
  3. In the geographic South Pole toward Earth
  4. On the south side of the Earth's magnetic pole
Answer: b

If a face to the south, the

  1. back to north
  2. right to the east
  3. east is to the left
Answer: a, c

How to determine azimuth?

  1. From the south to any object on the way clockwise
  2. From the south to any object to move clockwise
  3. From the north direction of any object on the way clockwise
  4. From the north direction of any object to move clockwise
Answer: c

Which of the azimuth defined correctly?

  1. Azimut south direction is 180 °
  2. Azimut north direction is 0 °
  3. Azimut eastern direction is 90 °
  4. Azimut westbound is 360 °
Answer: a, b, c

How should the board be focused during the removal of Field Sketching?

  1. The upper edge of the south
  2. The upper edge of the north
  3. The upper edge of the east
  4. Shuffle
Answer: b

What is the name of the object height above sea level?

  1. Relative height
  2. Conditional height
  3. Aa
Answer: c

Which statement is incorrect?

  1. The map area is portrayed somewhat distorted
  2. In one sense can represent the entire surface of the Earth
  3. The map shows the area rather than in terms of
  4. In terms of territory can be represented more than a map
Answer: b, c, d

As called out, written as a fractional number, a unit of the numerator and denominator - the number that indicates how many times the thumbnails?

  1. Named
  2. Fractional
  3. Numerical or numerical
  4. Graphic
Answer: c

Maps, 1 cm corresponds to 2 km areas are categorized

  1. medium-sized
  2. large
  3. small-scale
Answer: b

Which statement is wrong?

  1. The plan takes into account the spherical form of the Earth
  2. Map takes into account the spherical form of the Earth
  3. The larger scale denominator, the smaller scale
Answer: a

As far as all the major groups are divided into conventional signs of topographic maps and plans?

  1. 4
  2. 2
  3. 5
  4. 3
Answer: a

Which statement is correct?

  1. Contoured conventional signs convey a valid form of object
  2. Linear size of the conventional signs convey the scale of
  3. What bigger scale, the larger the scale denominator
Answer: a, b

Badges conventional signs

  1. convey the true shape and size of the object on a scale plan
  2. used to image linear objects
  3. applied when the form object because their small size, may not be reflected in the scale
Answer: c

What is the scale denominator if 1 cm maps corresponds to 100 m on the ground?

  1. 100
  2. 1000
  3. 10 000
Answer: c

A horizontal

  1. lines connecting points with the same relative area height
  2. lines connecting the highest point of terrain
  3. lines connecting points with identical absolute terrain height
Answer: c

What is the sign of a significant slope steepness on the map?

  1. Horizontally positioned far apart
  2. Horizontal very tortuous
  3. Horizontally positioned about each other
Answer: c

How berhshtryhy place on the map?

  1. Free end to the side elevation
  2. Free end downwards relief
  3. Always free end toward the nearest sea
Answer: b