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QUESTIONS: lithosphere

At what depth from the surface lies the core of the Earth?

  1. 5-10 km
  2. 80 km
  3. 2900 km
  4. 7000 km
Answer: c

Of which consists of layers of crust under the oceans?

  1. Sedimentary
  2. Granite
  3. Basalt
Answer: a, c

What is the temperature in the central parts of the kernel?

  1. 100°C
  2. 1000°C
  3. 5000° C
  4. 10 000°C
Answer: c

What happens in those places the planet where lithospheric plates diverge?

  1. Mountains are formed
  2. Appear Mid-ocean ridges
  3. Are formed deep troughs
Answer: b

Alfred Lothar Wegener What is considered the main evidence of the hypothesis of continents drift?

  1. A significant similarity of flora and fauna of continents that lie on both sides of the Atlantic
  2. Considerable similarity contours of continents that lie on both sides of the Atlantic
  3. Permanent seismic processes on Earth
Answer: b

What is the name the process by which magma before reaching the surface freezes in cracks and cavities of the earth's crust?

  1. Internal magmatism
  2. Volcanism
  3. Fiction
  4. External magmatism
Answer: a

How tough is called the inner layer of the Earth, located at a depth of 150-200 km from the surface?

  1. Outer core
  2. The inner core
  3. Asthenosphere
Answer: c

How does the temperature of the infiltration of the Earth?

  1. Increases by 1°C per 100 m
  2. Reduced by 1°C per 33 m
  3. Increases by 1°C per 33 m
  4. Virtually unchanged
Answer: c

What happens when continental collision and oceanic lithospheric plates?

  1. Continental oceanic plate dives under, raising its
  2. Continental plate pushes the oceanic area and the mainland increased
  3. Oceanic plate pushes the mainland and the area of the ocean increases
  4. Oceanic plate dives under the mainland, raising its
Answer: d

As a place called in the crust where the earthquake was the mass displacement of rocks?

  1. Hypocenter
  2. Epicenter
  3. Faulting
  4. Landslide
Answer: a

Place on the surface of the cell called the earthquake

  1. Epicenter
  2. Hypocenter
Answer: a

What era of Earth's oldest covered Precambrian period?

  1. Archean
  2. Proterozoic
  3. Paleozoic
  4. Mesozoic
  5. Cainozoic
Answer: a, b