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Races (compendium)

Races formed by ancient human adaptation to natural conditions. This process takes several thousand years and, scientists believe, basically ended about 15 thousand years ago, the selection of three or four major racial groups.

Depending on the biological modification of human skin color and other anthropological characteristics divided into four major races: negro , european, Mongoloid and avstraloyidnu .

representatives of the major races are about 70% of the planet. The rest belongs to the transitional and mixed races.

Mixed and transitional forms distributed at the junction of the major human races. Particularly intense racial mixing was in America, which is associated with a history of mastering this part of the world. Thus, the mixing of European settlers with the local Indians, Mongoloid was the formation of new mikrorasy M

Examples of mixed races and the transition from other regions of the world is malahasiytsi Madagascar as a result of mixing with blacks Mongoloid, and Ethiopian-type and mixed transitional forms in the Sudan, caused by mixing yevropeoyidiv with equatorial racial forms.

should be noted that in the modern world racial group rarely coincides with a distinct people: in most nations, especially large embedded other racial formations. Exceptions are few: the Japanese, for example, retained their pronounced anthropological type.