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Religions (compendium)

Throughout the history of civilization people cared not purely mundane things, but wonder worldcreation leaks, the problems of life and death, man's place in the world. All this entailed a variety of beliefs that eventually oformylys in religion.

most common and most influential religions are Christianity, Islam and Buddhism , so called world.

most numerous on the number of believers is Christianity - Christian faith professed by almost two billion people mainly in Europe, America and Australia. There was this religion 2000 years ago in the East Roman Empire (in present-day state of Israel). Christians are divided into Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants . Currently 60% of all Christians of the world are Catholics.

second-largest number of believers and the youngest world religion - it is Islam, whose adherents Muslims divided into Sunnis and Shia . In a world of over 1.1 billion Muslims mainly in the Southwest and Central Asia and North Africa. Islam originated in Arabia in the VII century., Considered the cradle of this religion of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

oldest world religion is Buddhism, which originated in India in the VI-V century. BC However, in their home country he has not gained much widespread. In world religion into Buddhism spread through Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam and China (especially in Tibet), where the dominant religion for two millennia, spravyvshy big impact on local culture. Buddhists are divided into supporters of a narrow way ( hinayany ) and the great fans way ( Mahayana ).

In the world there are national religion or ethnic grounds are separate nations ( Hinduism, Judaism, Shinto , etc.). Among the biggest supporters of religions is Hinduism.

Religion is important in the life of humanity, it makes a profound impact on the mood of people, their mentality, customs, relationships and even whole nations to the policy.