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Global environmental problems (compendium)

During the entire period of human civilization there was interaction between nature and man. With rovytkom technological progress and population growth increased anthropogenic pressure on the environment. At one time it was a time when changes in the composition of nature has reached such proportions that restore the natural balance was impossible without the coordination and unification of efforts of all countries on the planet.

reduction in forest cover, desertification, pollution, greenhouse effect, ozone depletion planet - an exhaustive list of environmental problems which can be classified as global. Solving these problems is possible only if the efforts of all humanity. To also consider the global war and peace, poverty, terrorism, demographic problems, etc..

direct consequence of the reduction of woodlands, the reduction of oxygen in the atmosphere, soil erosion, desertification, reduction of populations of living organisms.

result of greenhouse effect may occur general warming of the planet, increasing the water level of the oceans and flooding large parts of coastal areas.

ozone deterioration of the situation threatens serious negative consequences for the world of the living planet. It can significantly decrease the yield of some crops, and increasing doses of ultraviolet radiation will lead to significant weakening of the human immune system and will cause many diseases.

biggest polluters of the atmosphere is industrially developed countries. Here zosoredzheni powerful industrial enterprises, operated a large number of vehicles that together cause significant emissions of harmful substances. The first effective steps to overcome this problem is the signing and entry into force in February 2005, so called, Kyoto Protocol. Under this agreement, each participating country undertakes to comply with the restrictions on harmful emissions under quotas.

were heavily polluted water of the oceans as a result of various waste disposal, accident vehicles, man-made disasters, etc..

special place among the contaminated areas are areas of nuclear testing and radiation accidents. Some of these regions were removed from economic use for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. This is proof that even local incidents at nuclear installations and testing, not to mention the use of nuclear weapons pose a grave threat to mankind. The alternative here can be non-nuclear arsenals of the more comprehensive ban of nuclear weapons on Earth, and organizing activities of the civilian nuclear facilities.