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For centuries, Africa was the main supplier of slaves and raw materials (compendium)

For centuries, Africa was the main supplier of slaves and raw materials.

Although with time the situation gradually changed, but today most countries of the continent is underdeveloped, and such as Sudan, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Chad, Niger is especially retarded. On the background of their remarkable success in economic development have reached Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Zambia, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, some others. And the example of South Africa - the only developed country of the continent - is generally an exception to the rule. This can be explained by the fact that south of the continent due to the favorable geographical location and availability of major mineral resources (gold, coal, diamonds, uranium ore) attracted his time to his European colonists. This, along with expectations for rapid enrichment brought with them advanced skills in management, but also significantly influenced the mentality and way of life of indigenous people. Today South Africa is a clear continental leader. PA share in GDP of the continent reaches 60 & nbsp;%, the country accounts for half of the product manufacturing industry and car park in Africa. And in some positions the country - among the world leaders (up to 3 / 4 of the proved reserves of diamonds are concentrated here).

Egypt and neighboring countries have succeeded primarily due to the proximity to Europe - one of the centers of the world economy, and flexibility to integrate into the global economy. In addition, typical of this region is the presence of significant gas and oil deposits, as well as tourist attraction.

West Africa also have some achievements in the economy. Due to its advantageous location, the ports they have the opportunity to lead lively trade and attract investment into its economy. But even among these countries, many that are actually suppliers of raw materials and agricultural products to developed countries. This is especially characteristic of the Congo (crude petroleum), Niger (uranium ore), Liberia (iron ore), Senegal, Chad.

So, for Africa in general characterized by low economic development. And most of the continent has a long and winding road to prosperity. The share in world GDP (less than 5%) huge continent with a population of over 800 million people, just ahead of Australia, which is four square, and the population is ten times inferior to the corresponding properties of black continent.