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Among the countries of the continent highlighted U.S. (compendium)

Among Countries highlighted the U.S. - the most powerful country in the world and one of the most developed countries on the planet Canada.

USA - the undisputed leader in many areas: economic, military, scientific, technical, etc.. The country has a modern manufacturing and diversified agriculture. It developed almost all areas. But face U.S. world economy determine the automotive, aerospace, electronics manufacturing, the creation of computer software, the oil industry. Gross domestic product exceeds 20% of world GDP. United States ranked first in volume of industrial and agricultural production, the level of scientific and technical potential and production of high technology products. There is no equal in this country of non-production sectors, the financial strength and degree of influence on world economic and political processes.

For Canadian economy is characterized by export-oriented raw material that formed even at a time when Canada was a colony of Britain. Commodities industry in the country to export 60% of its products. Canada on the world market export the mineral, forest raw materials and certain agricultural products. Most Canadian exports are the United States. In addition, the state is very dependent on foreign (especially American) capital.

together with Canada, the U.S. is one of three major global economic centers (the other two - the European Union and Japan). These countries are members of the Group of Seven - combining the most developed countries.

Other states (except Cuba) belong to a group of developing countries, including the largest and most advanced is Mexico. Its economy is also focused on the U.S. market. The Central American isthmus and the Caribbean island states specialize mainly in processing agricultural raw materials (sugar, juice, canned), or extraction of minerals or the provision of travel services.