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What continent lies at the same time in all four hemispheres?

  1. Africa
  2. Antarctica
  3. Australia
Answer: a

In which direction the Earth rotates on its axis?

  1. From west to east
  2. From east to west
  3. From north to south
Answer: a

Orbit at which the Earth moves around the Sun, has the form:

  1. range
  2. ellipse
Answer: b

The main effects of Earth's rotation around its axis is:

  1. changing seasons and the seasonal rhythm of natural phenomena
  2. Day & night and the daily rhythm of natural phenomena
  3. change in the midday sun altitude
Answer: b

Local time is called the Greenwich meridian:

  1. World
  2. sunny
  3. waist
Answer: a

The duration of the polar day and night with the approach to the poles:

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. does not change
Answer: a

In places where the earth's crust has the greatest weight?

  1. In the mountains
  2. In the plains
  3. Under the ocean
Answer: a

Change of seasons and the seasonal rhythm of natural processes are the main consequences:

  1. of the Earth around the Sun
  2. Earth's rotation around its axis
Answer: a

What are the layers of Earth's crust is under mainlands?

  1. Oceanic and continental
  2. Sedimentary, granite, basalt
  3. Granite, basalt
Answer: b

To planetary forms of relief include:

  1. continents and ocean trenches
  2. shelf platforms, lithospheric plates
Answer: a

Zonal distribution of solar radiation on Earth depends on:

  1. kulyastosti Earth
  2. angle of incidence of sunlight
  3. underlying surface
Answer: b

The top layer of loose rocks, transformed by common action components and non-living wildlife, call:

  1. Earth's crust
  2. humus
  3. soil
Answer: c