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Which ocean is the largest on the planet?

  1. Atlantic
  2. Quiet
  3. Indian
  4. Arctic
Answer: b

Under the influence of factors which have sea currents?

  1. Permanent winds
  2. Contour banks
  3. Movement of Ocean Floor
Answer: a

What is the depth of groove Puerto Rico?

  1. 11 022 m
  2. 8742 m
  3. 9783 m
Answer: b

Which ocean is the warmest?

  1. Indian
  2. Atlantic
  3. Quiet
Answer: a

The name received from the Pacific Ocean:

  1. Marco Polo
  2. Ferdinand Magellan
  3. Christopher Columbus
Answer: b

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. Arctic Ocean - the smallest among the oceans
  2. Compared to the Pacific Ocean is much more exposed land
  3. The organic world richest ocean in the depths of the oceans
Answer: c

In which part of the Atlantic there is the greatest salinity?

  1. In places where the ocean flow into the powerful river
  2. In tropical latitudes
  3. In polar latitudes
Answer: b

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. In the Indian Ocean is not the Mid-ocean ridges
  2. Indian Ocean - naysolonishyy on the planet
  3. Indian Ocean - the hottest on the planet
Answer: a

The main role in the formation of sea currents of the Arctic Ocean plays:

  1. atmospheric circulation
  2. powerful stream of water of Atlantic Ocean
  3. ocean floor relief
Answer: b

The highest salinity of the Arctic Ocean have:

  1. where rivers flow into the ocean
  2. where the water flowing into the ocean of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  3. in the central part of the ocean
Answer: b

What has the Marianas Trench depth?

  1. 8848 m
  2. 8742 m
  3. 11 022 m
Answer: c

What sea is naysolonishym?

  1. Mediterranean
  2. Black
  3. Red
Answer: c