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The first researcher was the interior of Africa:

  1. David Livingston
  2. Henry Stanley
  3. Vasco da Gama
Answer: a

The southern point of Africa is:

  1. Cape of Good Hope
  2. Cape Ahulyas
  3. Cape Ras Engel
Answer: b

Which statement is correct?

  1. Africa - continent nayzharkishyy
  2. Africa - the largest continent
  3. Africa - driest continent
Answer: a

The highest peak in Africa are:

  1. g. Kosciuszko
  2. g Kilimanjaro
  3. d. Kenya
Answer: b

In which part of Africa are Drakensberg?

  1. In northern
  2. In the Southeast
  3. In eastern
Answer: b

Which statement is correct?

  1. In the climate has a great influence Sahara Mediterranean
  2. Sahara - the most droughty desert planet
  3. Sahara - the largest desert planet
Answer: c

Which statement is correct?

  1. Nile - River naypovnovodnisha Africa
  2. Congo - naypovnovodnisha river planet
  3. Nile - longest river of the world
Answer: c

What is the deepest lake in Africa?

  1. Tanganyika
  2. Victoria
  3. Tana
Answer: a

What river belongs to the Indian Ocean?

  1. Niger
  2. Zambezi
  3. Congo
Answer: b

As is known in Africa, dry river valleys, where water appears only intermittently?

  1. Oases
  2. Wadi
  3. Creek
Answer: b

The population of North Africa's most widespread religion is:

  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
  3. Buddhism
Answer: b

The category of developed countries in the world belongs to:

  1. Egypt
  2. Libya
  3. South Africa
Answer: c